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No More Ads

Zero ads. Zero pop-ups. Huge time-suck, gone. -- Vanquish from your network popups and all other ads, silently, perfectly, without consequences. Enjoy glorious web browsing with whopping speed increase that is immediately addictive. Easily switch ads back on as you like. Huge time boost. Contact us.

Wordier Press . Com

Faster. More secure. Price-matched. -- We match price, storage and transfer but give 2x to 100x speed increase, tighter security and more. Most WordPress pages take 'too long' to load and repel customers. Let us give you blink-fast page loads and stone-solid security. Contact us.

Escaping Microsoft

Bill Gates' eugenicidal messianic misanthropy targets you, us and everyone:

Help save mankind, literally; we can help you escape the Microsoft Malfeasance before it terminates you.

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